Friday, 18 November 2016

Thursday 17 November - Holding Post

We had a full day of culture in Arles yesterday (Thursday 17th) and I wrote a detailed blog about it last night. Unusually, I drafted it on my laptop and I tapped away until my battery was about to expire. Then, instead of transferring the words to my phone for onwards transmission to t'internet (because 3's excellent 'Feel at Home' mobile phone policy doesn't permit tethering or hot spotting when abroad, so I can't transmit straight from the laptop) and because I was feeling too lazy to edit all of the photos to make them small enough to transmit via mobile internet I decided to postpone sending the post until this morning, when I knew I could use the museum's wifi.

Where my plan went awry was that when I went to turn my laptop on this morning (having already taken the trouble to deploy the wifi booster kit), I found that rather than the spare battery being full, as I thought it to be, it was completely empty.

We have no inverter, nor a 12v supply cable for the laptop and I can't even nip into a cafe to use an outlet because I don't have a European adapter. So, yesterday's post (so full of us doing stuff!) is now trapped on the laptop and will stay there until we next find an electric hookup point.

To be going on with, here's a photo of the view from the top of the Roman Amphitheatre:

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