Saturday, 17 December 2016

Friday 16 December – Toulouse

Where’s Colin? He’s still at Camping Le Rupé on the north side of Toulouse.

The welcome at Camping Le Rupé was excellent, but its facilities leave a little to be desired. At French campsites toilet seats, toilet paper, soap and hand-drying facilities are not things that we expect, so their absence here didn’t make us think badly of the place. What did irk was the lack of hot water, both evening and morning, and the strobing lights in over half of the toilet and shower cubicles. The redeeming feature of the place* is that it offers a free shuttle bus at 9.30 in the morning, to take campers to the nearest metro station. That saved faff with having to catch a bus on the outward leg.

Having perused the Tourist Information service’s brochure of ‘things to do in Toulouse’ over coffee on arrival in town, the only thing that really struck us as a bit different to anything else we’ve already seen on this trip was the medical history museum. So, that’s where we went (we would also have visited the medical instruments museum next door, in the same building, if it didn’t (bizarrely) keep different hours).  

The museum is well hidden, in the building on the far bank of the river in this shot

I’ve a feeling that we probably spent longer looking at the exhibits than the average visitor (only two others overlapped with our visit; they stayed about 10 minutes), as after about three quarters of an hour the receptionist came and found us, commented that we were finding it interesting and clarified that we were allowed to take photos. A short while later we had exhausted the three rooms of exhibits, so off back across town we went.

It turned out that twelve thirty was a little late to arrive at the restaurants above the Marché Victor Hugo, as neither of our choices had a table left. Having already been there at the beginning of August (a good recommendation Humphrey - thank you again), we knew it was worth a wait, so wait we did, for our last meal out of this trip.

There was no food envy for either of us as starters arrived, both being happy with our respective choices

Whilst this photo makes it look like Mick has food envy for my main course, his was excellent too

Mick reckoned he had the best pudding (four mini-deserts, plus coffee), but I didn’t share his opinion. Flan is my favourite.

We could have wandered around a bit more after lunch, but we felt no need, having already spent a few days here earlier in the year. A very efficient couple of metro rides and a bus took us back to within a five minute walk of Colin.

(*I’m not sure whether it’s a good feature that it’s by far the most secure campsite at which we have ever stayed. Two barriers have to be opened for vehicle entry or exit, and a separate pedestrian gate also requires a code for access.)

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