Monday, 3 July 2017

Monday 3 July - Eggum

Where's Bertie? He's in a parking area a stone's throw from the sea just beyond the village of Eggum, where it costs 20NOK to park during the day and 100NOK to park overnight.

It was a short hop today. Backtracking from Haukland to the E10 arterial road, we were only on it for a few handfuls of kilometres before we took another of the dead-end roads that branch off it. This one took us first to the village Eggum, then beyond to a parking area next to the remains of a Second World War German Radar station.

On first sight the parking area was disappointing for one that was going to cost us the best part of £10, and I was all for staying for a walk then moving on. However, it grew on us when we realised there was more parking around the corner, giving a sea view to the front and with this to the rear:

This snap was taken about 100m away from Bertie. We can see the rock faces but not the lake from here.

With the sky out to sea being blue, even though it was (and still is) decidedly overcast above us, we decided to gamble on being able to watch the sun not set tonight and thus paid the overnight fee at the café before setting off for a stroll along the coast.

The thing that had caused me to want to visit Eggum was another sculpture, this one of a head, which is sited less than a kilometre along the coast from Bertie. It's an interesting piece that changes shape* as you walk around it. This was its form as we first approached it:

And here it is viewed from a different angle:

The path had been busy as we approached and I wondered whether, if we continued beyond the sculpture, we would be alone. Almost. It seems the majority of people come here purely to walk to the Head and back.

After an inland foray to the end of one side valley along the coastal path, Mick opted to return to Bertie to prepare himself to go for a run, whilst I walked his intended running route, down another side valley, to a little hydro power station which has stolen what must once have been an attractive waterfall:

That doesn't sound like a lot of activity, considering that it is now 6pm, but I'm again at a bit of a loss to know where all of the hours have gone.

(*Mick, my proof reader, has pointed out that the sculpture doesn't change shape. It is a solid form. But I'm sure that with the photos it is clear enough what I mean.)

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