Monday, 7 August 2017

Monday 7 August - Slettestrand (Denmark)

Where's Bertie?He's hiding behind some sand dunes adjacent to a car park at Slettestrand (exact location: 57.15441, 9.36409).

It was a nervous few moments as we boarded our ferry this morning. A couple of weeks ago, I had stuck the upper half of my body out of one of his skylights and thrown the end of a tape measure down to Mick. The result of that exercise was that Bertie stands 2.92m high. Armed with that information I booked a ferry space for a vehicle up to 2.95m high.

The check-in assistant looked dubious as we pulled up next to her window and she summoned the woman with the measuring poles. She duly measured us and looked equally dubious. With reassurance that the aerial that stands proud of the skylights is flexible, we were allowed to proceed.

We took this as an indication that there's not a lot of leeway in their 2.95m measurement and thus as we sat in the queue I hoisted myself out of a skylight and unscrewed the aerial. People in the surrounding cars stared.

To our relief, our measurement proved to be good. As it happened, we ended up parking in one of the few 4m high spaces on board, but as this wasn't a roll-on-roll-off ferry, we had to perform a u-turn under the heigh restricted section to get to it (the vehicles booked into 4m slots had to reverse onboard).

Leaving port a few minutes early, Mick was soon marvelling at the fact that we were doing 35 knots, as we swayed our way over to Hirtshals in Denmark. After what feels like weeks of rain in Norway, we left the country with not a cloud in the sky. We arrived in a cloudy Denmark and those clouds were soon spilling their contents onto us. Harrumph.

Finding somewhere to park for breakfast was our first priority on landing, which also gave me the opportunity to look at maps and resources and think about where we want to go in Denmark - something I'd completely failed to do in advance.

Having made a directional decision, and after a visit to a Lidl which had us exclaiming over the cheap prices (which they're not when compared to the UK, but felt it after Norway), we headed out of our way, for a visit to a beach on the west coast.

By the time we were en route I was really feeling the effects of having been up since 3.45 (the alarm was set for 5, but after being woken by my bladder at 3.45, I didn't manage to grab the extra hour of shut eye), and wanted little more than to climb into bed for a while. Lunch, followed by a walk along the beach perked me up a bit, although as I type this, I am sitting in my pyjamas and liable to lower the bed from the ceiling at any moment.

Huge beach!

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