Sunday, 13 August 2017

Sunday 13 August - Ribe

Where's Bertie? He still hasn't moved from his spot in the motorhome parking in Ribe.

There are two waymarked running routes in Ribe, one 2.8km and the other 5.8km. I didn't know about the longer one until I found the flaw in the shorter route: it involves going through a gate that is still locked at 8.30 on a Sunday morning. I backtracked, tried to find a way around, stumbled across another waymarker and thought I'd refound the route on the other side of the locked gate. It turned out that I'd accidentally found the 5.8km route. I didn't run all of it, but had a pleasant half hour or so in the town and out along the river before anyone was about.

There's not much to say about the rest of the day. We've pottered about town, visited the Tourist Office a few times for wifi purposes, chatted with a British couple who are on their way up to Norway, and eaten ice cream...

...and managed to clock up the best part of eleven miles worth of steps (including the run), which is surprising considering how small a town this is.

This evening was a repetition of last night, in that we went on the Night Watch Man tour again. At the end of last night's tour (just before he caused it to rain!) the Night Watch Man said that a different chap would be on duty tonight, with a different route and different stories. Sure enough there was not a bit of repetition, although stylistically tonight's was more a recitation of facts, rather than the fact-based story telling of last night. (Incidentally, we took jackets tonight; it didn't rain. These two facts may or may not be related.)

We won't be attending again tomorrow to see if it's different again. By the time we leave in the morning we will have outstayed the parking limit here, so onwards to Germany we will go.

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