Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Tuesday 1 August - Sand

Where's Bertie? He's still parked exactly where he was yesterday, in the motorhome parking on Sand harbour.

After oodles of rain yesterday and overnight the forecast held true and gave us a dry day with sunny intervals. Making the most of it (or so we thought) a packed lunch was made and off we headed for the top of a local hill.

Suffice to say that the trail was truly awful and we gave up on it two thirds of the way to the top, opting instead for a long way down on a track rather than retracing our steps. (Details and pictures of the walk are over on t'other blog at gayleybird.blogspot.com)

This is what most of the trail was like. Very slippery rocks, interspersed with water, either standing in great wallows, or running down the path.

We did see a good piece of art on the side of the school that we passed on the way to and from the trail:

Back at Bertie, after a restorative cup of tea, we headed back to the falls/fish ladder to see if we could catch some fishy action. Nope. They still wouldn't perform for us.

And that has been our day. Whilst the walk was thoroughly unsuccessful (and very not-fun), it was slow going so took up most of the day.

We will hope for better tomorrow, although with little optimism as yet more rain is forecast.

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