Friday, 22 January 2016

Friday 22 January - Los Alcazares

Where’s Colin? He's exactly where he was yesterday.

What was that I said yesterday about moving on this morning? After a very quiet night in this motorhome-infested ghost town (save for the bin lorry coming around at 1.50am, as seems to be common practice), Mick's preference was to stay another day, so we did.

Today's exercise took us both north and south along the coast, as well as to some local shops to furnish us with baked goodies for elevenses. It was rather nice out as we headed south this morning:

By noon a layer of cloud started to form, giving us a cooler afternoon (still nice and warm, but not hot like yesterday).

The early afternoon was mainly filled with much lounging, broken up when a huge bus of a motorhome decided to squeeze in between us and the bins on the corner. It was a bit alarming (in the manner of me exclaiming "woah" even though I couldn't possibly be heard) to see such a huge back end reversing to within an inch of Colin's bumper. They did move forward a bit, and then a bit more when they realised they were so close that we couldn't quite fully open our back doors. Getting out of our space tomorrow might take some manoeuvring too:

Colin suddenly feels very small again

Not long later the British couple who stopped to chat yesterday came by again, telling us that lots of motorhomes in the town were being moved on by the police. My own observations from walking around yesterday and today make me suspect a bit of misinformation based on either bad assumptions or Chinese whispers - a bit like the people who delight in telling you (completely inaccurately) that your proposed walk route is too far/too hard/will be blighted by bad weather/terrain.

Another beachside stroll completed our day, together with a bit of thought as to where we'll head tomorrow.


  1. Those chinese whispers can be a pest...

  2. They can. Or, if you recognise them for what they are, they can be amusing.