Friday, 5 February 2016

Friday 5 February - Abla, again

Where’s Colin: He’s back in the same place again for the third night, having spent the day in the same place as he spent yesterday.

I’d heard tell of something that we witnessed this morning, but it still took us both aback to see it first-hand. The chap in the next van to us, having emptied his toilet, proceeded to walk straight past the immediately adjacent ‘dirty jobs’ tap and went instead to the (clearly labelled) drinking water tap, which he stuck straight into the neck of his toilet cassette. Yuck! I’m not sure whether he was stupid or a disgusting ignoramus, but either way, a baby-wipe and a bottle of bleach was deployed before I filled our water bottles.

Having enjoyed a very lazy start to the day, the market was just starting to wind down by the time we had relocated ourselves back to the other Aire and set out to explore the town further, aided by the ceramic town tour tiles in the roads, and the Rutasalpujarra website. By the time we made our way back down towards Colin the market was half way through packing away. It seems like a lot of effort they go to, in travelling and setting up substantial stalls, just for a few short hours of trading.

Our standard lunch of salad ensued, then just as the town closed down for siesta, off we went back up the road to complete the walk we started yesterday. It wasn’t far and we were back by 3.30, with a decision before us: should we relocate three kilometres up the road to the place I want to visit tomorrow, or should we just stay in Abla again? Given the short distance involved and that there’s an official Aire here, whereas the parking options up the road are unknown, we couldn’t see a good reason to relocate, so here we are again (just us tonight, so far).

The next major place to which we’re heading is Granada, with the intention of seeing the Alhambra.  We’ve timed our movements intentionally this week so that we’ll arrive in Granada on Sunday, ready to visit the town on Monday. I’d read all of the information in the guidebook, so was aware of the ticket process, but it was only today that I thought I’d explore the on-line ticket system (as our intention had been to just turn up and hope tickets were available first thing in the morning). It was rather a blow to find that next week is shown as being entirely sold out if we want to visit the entire place (there are tickets available for some bits, but not for everything). Harrumph! Harrumph! Harrumph!

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