Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Tuesday 2 February – Castala

Where’s Colin? He’s in a big recreational park just outside of Castala at approximately N36º 53.097, W2º55.394. By the amount of parking and facilities, it looks like this place must get absolutely heaving with people in summer.

At just after 9 this morning we were winding our way back down the tiny road we had ascended yesterday and heading a little bit west, towards an area just to the north of the village of Laujar de Andarax, where the lady in the Tourist Office in Almeria had told there was good walking to be had.

She was absolutely right too and a 10km circuit was enjoyed (more of which on gayleybird.blogspot.com) under yet more clear blue skies (albeit with a bit of a nippy start to the day).

I would very much have liked to have stayed up there tonight and sampled one of the other routes tomorrow, but (as I said yesterday) the need to re-stock the cupboards could no longer be ignored, so by mid-afternoon we were heading down, down and down some more, to the town of Berja and a supermarket.

Suitably restocked a decision was then needed as to where to spend tonight. ‘To the coast’ was the first decision, until the SatNav told us it was a bit further than anticipated. ‘To the hills’ was my next suggestion, as I noticed that we were really quite close to the other area the Amerian Tourist Office lady had named for good walking.

I had no information as to where exactly the walking routes were located and no information as to where we could park, but I figured there was a good chance if we found the former we would find the latter and by following our noses, together with a dose of good luck (spotting a parking sign in the distance through some trees), we managed to come straight here.

Tomorrow morning we have various walk options, then we have another decision point: coast or hills. As we will be needing some facilities tomorrow, that may dictate our final decision.

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