Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Monday 29 February–Roullet St Estephe

Where’s Colin? He’s in the Municipal Aire at Roullet St Estephe (N45 34.812’, E0 2.681’), which is the same place as he spent the night of 11 January, when we were Spain-bound.


The church at Roullet St Estephe under a glorious sky

Today has consisted of driving and very little else, almost exactly retracing our tyre-tracks of the 12 January. The only difference today (except that it was warmer, and that we enjoyed clear blue skies for the second half of the journey) was that whereas on our southbound journey we used toll motorways to avoid lengths of road which looked like they would be a tedious trial of roundabouts and traffic lights, today we went for a cheaper option, reducing out outbound outlay of €23 to just €6.20.

I was most bemused by the bit where we left the motorway at the junction immediately before the toll plaza and rejoined at the next junction a few miles further on, and thus avoided paying at all for that section. The SatNav had said it would be so, but I really did expect to find a toll barrier on the exit or entry slip. Meanwhile, we saw not another vehicle on the service-road-esque road which ran almost parallel to the motorway.

By the time we arrived here at 3.30 this afternoon, the extent of my exercise today had been a walk over to the toilet block* this morning for another shower and a walk to a bin when we stopped for lunch, so it probably goes without saying that we went out for a walk when we got here. Can’t say it’s a particularly interesting place to go for a walk, mind, unless you count the detour to patisserie :-).

(*Incidentally, yesterday’s campsite was by far the nicest we’ve stayed on this trip, even if I didn’t approve of the entirely unisex nature of the toilet/shower block. It’s so integrated that girls have to walk past the men’s urinals to get to the toilets.)

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