Saturday, 26 November 2016

Friday 25 November – Port-Vendres

Where’s Colin? He’s still at the Aire at Port-Vendres, at €6 per night.

The local police knocked on our door first thing this morning. Not an alarming occurrence, as it turned out. That’s who has responsibility for collecting the parking fee. Not everyone stuck around to pay this modest fee, however. At least two vans at our end of the car park (both French, and both big, new, expensive vans) were on their way at 7.30. Funny that we’ve not noticed anyone leaving early at any of the Aires which have inescapable payment via the barrier system…

Once we’d finally prised ourselves out of bed and spent some time faffing around putting suitable stuff into a bag, off we strode to walk a circuit taking in a chunk of coast, with a return via some vineyards. If you feel so inclined (and haven’t already) you can read more about it, and see the photos) on our walking blog (

Back within the loose time window which qualifies as ‘lunchtime’, we set our minds to doing some eating, before venturing back out into the town on a quest for cake. It was a quest in which we failed as everywhere was closed. Admittedly, it was just about still within what could be considered the afternoon nap closedown period, but the only boulangerie/patisserie which looked like it might reopen later (as opposed to being closed for the winter) wasn’t going to do so until 5pm, which was a bit too long for us to hang around just on the off chance of cake. So, we made do with some flan from the supermarket. The purchase of a cooked chicken, some oven chips and a bag of salad were impulse buys, and made for an easy tea.


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