Monday, 7 November 2016

Monday 7 November - Uzerche

Where’s Colin? He's at the Municipal Aire in Uzerche, where the water is turned on and there are toilets too. There should also be free electric, but we didn't even try any of the outlets due to the damaged state of them.

The notable feature of today was how wet it was. For hundreds of kilometres we drove through rain. In fact, I don't think it truly stopped all day, although it was (fortunately) very light by the time we reached our destination.

Our destination only became so at lunchtime when, having stopped at a convenient Aire in the hope of finding water (nope; switched off there too), I looked outside whilst making sandwiches and suggested that there was no point in arriving somewhere at 2pm when the weather was such that any foray outside would be as brief as possible. A far better use of the miserable day, it seemed to me, would be to just keep driving until an hour or two before dark. Mick agreed and between us that's what we did.

After a morning of fiddly roads (roundabouts, traffic lights, roadworks) and having to get around or through towns and villages, it was nice, a short while after lunch, to reach the A20 (toll-free) motorway where the SatNav told us to continue straight on for 227km. It would have been further if we hadn't opted to stop at the town of Uzerche for the night. Aside from the facilities at the Aire we were seduced by there being a disused railway line which will give us a place to run in the morning.

We had a quick shufty around the place this afternoon, albeit curtailed when the rain started getting too wet for us to want to be out in it. It looks a town with some history:

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