Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday 6 November - Nonancourt

Where’s Colin? He’s at the Municipal Aire in Nonancourt, a little place that sits south of Rouen and west of Paris.

This trip started in the same place as the last one finished: with a night at the Municipal Aire in Wissant, just down the coast from Calais. We had thought we would arrive there in the dark last night, but Eurotunnel allowed us to cross an hour earlier than booked for no extra charge (even though the reason I hadn't booked an earlier crossing was because of how much more expensive they were). The crossing ran to time too (and almost empty), so we arrived in Wissant in the last dregs of daylight.

A significant lie-in was had this morning, but eventually a move was made southwards and, being Sunday, it was a quiet journey.

After a couple of hours I took over the driving on the basis that no navigation (navigation being my job) was going to be required between that point and Rouen. I'd only been behind the wheel for about three minutes when I pulled over again, but for good reason: an open boulangerie had been spotted.

A short while later I pulled over once more, so we could dispose of the yield of the boulangerie stop:

Suitably refuelled, onwards we went and an hour or so later sailed straight past the rest area where I was meant to hand the wheel back to Mick so as to resume my navigational duties. Doh!

A turn was then missed (SatNav's fault!), resulting in an 'interesting' time being had when we found ourselves going through, rather than around, Rouen (thank goodness it was Sunday!), involving a couple of sudden changes of direction to avoid going under a 2.6m bridge. Colin may have fitted as I'd like to think I was conservative when I measured his height at 2.62m, and I'd like to think that the bridge measurers were conservative in the other direction, but I opted not to find out.

It was raining when we reached Nonancourt, but, as it happened, we'd failed to stop for lunch en-route and by the time we had put that deficiency right it was dry again and stayed that way whilst we wandered a couple of miles around the town for a leg-stretch/look around.

This evening a couple of hours have been spent poring over books and maps and I'm still very little the wiser about where we're going overall and where we're aiming for tomorrow night. Wherever tomorrow takes us, a priority will be water. Just a few days ago this Aire had its water turned off for the winter, meaning we can't fill up here and we only have enough on board to see us through to tomorrow afternoon.

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