Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wednesday 23 November – Narbonne

Where’s Colin? He’s still at the Aire in Narbonne.

The weather forecast for today suggested, yet again, that it wasn’t a day for doing much. A very wet afternoon was before us, with winds of over 100kph predicted. As the Aire at our next destination is €10 per night and doesn’t have electric, whereas this one is €9 per night with electric, if we were going to be spending more time loitering in Colin that out ‘doing’, then we figured we may as well save a few pennies and have electric to boot. So, we stayed put.

Purely for a bit of exercise, advantage was taken of the dry morning with a walk into town, where we arrived at the park behind the cathedral just as the man with the keys was opening the gates. Excellent timing, as we had the park to ourselves, including the terrace with the oversized bench:

Returning along the canal, we continued on to find the Decathlon store, as I’ve been feeling the need for a new long-sleeved running top (one that fits me, unlike my current one). That mission was accomplished (together with another couple of less intentional purchases) and we also discovered that the out-of-town shopping area is vast. No wonder all of the shops in town are so quiet!

Combined with a bit of loitering around the shopping centre (people-watching, free wifi) our little outing had extended into the early afternoon, and I was hungry enough to eat a scabby dog. Back to Colin for lunch it was, before revisiting the shopping centre this afternoon, armed with a carrier bag for a few provisions.

Returning to the Aire, we had every expectation that as the day wore on someone would come and park a nice big motorhome next to us, giving us a bit of shelter from the wind. It didn’t seem an unreasonable expectation, as by 8pm last night the place was full save for a couple of the less-desirable spaces. Alas, tonight when we really could do with someone next to us (and it’s almost guaranteed that it would be a big van, as small vans seem to be a rarity on Aires), both spaces on the windward side are empty. As a result, we’re rocking away like we’re on the high seas. Lovely.

As for the predicted wetness, we’re going to have to start disregarding any mention of rain in the forecast when making our plans, as once again, it didn’t materialise.

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