Monday, 12 December 2016

Monday 12 December – Sant Feliu de Guixols

Where’s Colin? He’s at the municipal Aire at Sant Feliu de Guixols.

Another cool sunny morning, another seaside run, another personal best on speed, then back to Colin for breakfast before heading out, on foot, for Decathlon (the €8 running top I bought in France a few weeks back has proved such a good fit that I wanted another) and a supermarket (why is it so difficult to buy sultanas over here?).

Back at the Aire it was now far less than half full, so it wouldn’t have inconvenienced anyone if we’d outstayed the 2-day limit, but we are law abiding, so preparations were made to move off (water bottles filled, but grey and black waste not emptied because, after the service point being free for most of the morning, two vans pulled in to use it just as we were ready to go).

Where to go? Options were discussed. Sant Feliu de Guixols won - another place that didn’t grab us on our first visit a couple of weeks ago (in much poorer weather), but it has a free Aire where we could, if we so chose, stay for 5 nights (we’ll likely only be here for one). I might have been pessimistic about getting a slot there, but judging by the exodus at Platja d’Aro, I reckon people are heading either home or south for Christmas, and thus things are getting quieter around this area.

Out for a post-lunch stroll, a surprisingly black cloud was noted, which we then realised was smoke. It looked like the sort of smoke you get from a house fire, and so it turned out to be (or at least a building; it may have been commercial premises). Very inconvenient for the owner, and mildly so for us as the resultant road closures prevented us from getting to where we wanted to go.

We strolled off in the other direction instead, and looked back upon the town from the north:

less smoke by now, but still evident

Back at the Aire, there were (at that point) eleven vans all neatly parked perpendicular to the perimeter, so it beggared belief (or should have, but we’ve seen such selfish space-hogging too often) when a Dutch van arrived and decided, despite all evidence as to what is right and proper, to park parallel to the perimeter, across three spaces. A couple more vans have arrived since. I do hope that four more arrive, take the remaining slots, and thus block them in!

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