Saturday, 10 December 2016

Saturday 10 December - Post Blog Doings

I posted my blog about today too soon, thinking we were in for the night. Then, just before sunset, I fancied a short (15-minutes-ish) stroll to the beach and back. Our short strolls are seldom as short as we intend. We were over an hour tonight and returned in the full dark.

We did walk a little way along the beachside promenade...

...before turning inland, past the fairground (which, last time we were here, we thought was closed for the winter, but it's open tonight), and enjoyed the red sky over the hills:

The camera on my phone doesn't do reds very well. It was more dramatic than this makes it look

The whole outing had been accompanied by what sounded like boy racers turning doughnuts. We had to find out what was going on, so we walked towards the noise, with the air getting thicker with burnt rubber as we approached. I didn't attempt a snap, but it turned out that a large car park has been turned into an inticate track, around which a number of old BMWs (presumably chosen for their rear wheel drive) are burning a lot of rubber. We're guessing that the second person in each car is a fee-paying member of the public. They're not very close to where we are, but I can still hear them quite clearly now, from inside Colin.

Our return route brought us past the roadside motorhome parking (i.e. where we wanted to be, had there been room). I was wrong earlier when I said they were all German. They have the largest representation, but there is also an Italian, an Austrian, a Dutch and a couple of Spanish - a veritable multi-national gathering.

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