Saturday, 3 December 2016

Saturday 3 December - Barcelona and Colonia Guell

Where’s Colin? He’s at the Municipal Aire in Colonia Guell, which is just on the SW edge of Barcelona.

Our second visit to the Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya was the only thing on the agenda today, and as it doesn't open until 10 on a Saturday, a bit of a lie in was had before taking advantage of having good, hot, powerful showers close at hand (three showers in three days - seldom am I so clean!).

Whereas yesterday we visited only the lower floor of the museum, containing Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque collections (which were okay, but didn't stand out above other collections we've seen elsewhere), today we took in the first floor of 'modern' art, spanning the 19th and 20th centuries, up to 1952. Now that was worth seeing and see it all we did, pausing only for a quick trip down to the café for sustenance mid-visit.

It was easy to forget to look up, and thus to miss the majesty of the building which houses all of the art. This was just one cupola. The walls of the museum are all non-structral and free-standing, within the original building, so if you look up and between the walls holding the art, you can get quite a feel for the grandeur of the original building.

By the time we were done there wasn't time for another lunch out if we were to remove Colin from the Aire before the clock ticked over 72 hours and thus onto a fourth day of fees. So back we went, picking up fresh bread en-route, for a quick sandwich before we did all of the necessary with Colin's tanks, paid our dues and got on our way.

We didn't come far; just across to the other side of the city. Whilst we did go for a quick walk when we got here, I'll leave the description of the place until tomorrow when we've been for a look around armed with information as to what we're seeing.

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