Sunday, 18 December 2016

Sunday 18 December - to Calais

Contrary to my statement at the end of yesterday’s post, I did get out for a super-quick walk around Vierzon this morning, or, at least, the bit that was reachable within a five minute fast walk from Colin. Can't say that I saw much, as it was still dark, but it was worthwhile for reasons other than reducing how many circuits I needed to do of the car park in Calais (in order to meet my step target for the day) as I happened upon a petrol station selling diesel cheaper than we've seen it anywhere else in France (€1.155/litre). It became our first port of call as we left the Aire.

Then we drove, pausing only for a dash into a boulangerie, elevenses, lunch and more fuel (we could have got home on what we'd bought this morning, but I'm guessing diesel is more than £1/litre in the UK, so it made sense to fill up again). The main feature of the day was fog, filling about 475 of our 500km drive to Calais.

Arriving just as it was getting dark, we headed for the motorhome parking area at the Cite Europe shopping centre to wait for the few hours for our Shuttle home. Taking advantage of the festive season opening hours (a supermarket open all day on a Sunday!) I nipped in to the huge Carrefour to buy a few bottles of wine and a bit of cheese, in a very 'Brit in Calais' sort of a way. The wine section in there is enormous, and it was filled with Brits. It did strike me that we would undoubtedly have got better value buying our 'to take home' supplies somewhere other than a booze-cruise destination; it's not like we've lacked opportunity.

The entirety of the shopping trip

And that is that. All being well we will be home by the early hours of the morning, ready to start our Christmas shopping.

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