Saturday, 10 June 2017

Saturday 10 June - Dülmen

Where’s Bertie? He’s still at the Stellplatze to the SW of Dülmen.

The day dawned without a cloud in the sky, so little motivation was needed to pull on the running gear and go for a trot around the lake.

After breakfast, our first hot showers of the trip, elevenses and a bit of planning for the next few days, out we went for a walk around the village/town/suburb (not sure which it is). There’s a waymarked route advertised which takes in 13 points of interest. We managed to follow the route (although not managing to find all of the points of interest) as far as the pointer for number 10, although with no comprehension of the information signs at each POI. Between No 9 and No 10 we became unconvinced that we knew where to go next, so we abandoned and returned to Bertie for lunch.

A very lazy afternoon has been had, largely being observed by our neighbours. They arrived just after us yesterday, got their chairs out and sat down. We saw not a word exchanged between them and the only activity in which we have seen them engaged was an hour of Mah Jong this afternoon. Otherwise, they have just sat outside and stared, either into space or at us. Making this even more bizarre, they were sitting out in big jackets until mid-afternoon today, even though the temperature has been pleasantly warm all day (29 degrees by noon). Nowt as queer as folk, eh?

In contrast to our neighbours lack of activity (even reading. How can one sit in the sun for twelve hours a day and not even read anything?) there's been much going on around us today, from this morning's puppy training session which met in this car park, to various sports gatherings at the sports club across the road. Then there were the cycling groups. The first notable one was a large group of lycra-clad men, but they paled into insignificance compared to the group of 57 casually dressed cyclists, of all ages and genders (but many wearing the same green t-shirt) who came by a while later. We're the odd ones out, being here with no bicycles.

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