Friday, 14 July 2017

Friday 14 July - Trondheim

Where’s Bertie? He's in a free-for -24hr slot in the motorhome parking in Trondheim, just one space away from where he was three weeks ago.

There was a disproportionate level of excitement in Bertie this morning when we got ourselves one of the few free motorhome slots in Trondheim. Originally we had arrived too early and optimism wasn't high: we were lucky to get one three weeks ago, and that was before the main tourist season kicked in, what were the chances of being lucky again?

After breakfasting in a nearby street, equal measures of luck, judgement and observation, combined with five minutes of loitering, netted us a space. Half an hour later the best space in the car park (end of the back row, so no passing traffic, and the best view of the river) opened up and we wasted no time in nabbing it.

Laundry was the main item on the agenda for today. It all got done, although with great (and time-consuming) technological trials with tumble drying the synthetics. The plus side of all the loitering in the laundry room was that we got to chat (and impart our approaching-expert-level* knowledge of how the machines work) to two separate American couples (the first on a cruise, the second on a fly-drive tour) and a couple of German lads on a motorbike tour.

The rest of the day has involved reading up on what lies to the south of us so as to make a decision as to where next to head; picking up more tourist brochures; availing ourselves at length of the tourist office's wifi; and buying and eating ice cream (bargain 'cornetto' style ice creams at the Rema 1000 chain of stores for 45p each; we've been getting through lots of them).

No photos today - neither the inside of the laundrette nor the inside of the tourist office merited a snap! However, if the places shown in the tourist brochures deliver what they promise, we should soon be back in some very photo-worthy locations.

(*I've used a lot of public laundries in a lot of places and this one is by far the most complicated, on a number of fronts. We were at an advantage today having used the same facilities three weeks ago.)

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