Thursday, 13 July 2017

Thursday 13 July - Straumen and Levanger

Where’s Bertie? He's in a small car parking area, at the start of a track which leads to a tiny (and closed) farm/folk museum about 16km NE of Trondheim. (Exact location: 63.41197, 10.65253)

When we arrived in Straumen just after noon, I regretted having gone out for a run first thing this morning. The path that runs 18km along the coast from this town looked a much nicer prospect.

It turned out that the town of Straumen had nothing else to hold our attention. The best bit about it had been oggling the expensive-looking houses we had walked past on the coastal path between our parking place (at a church just outside of the town) and the town. The park in the town, which houses a number of sculptures and sounded good on paper, was disappointing.

Back at Bertie we read again the information board about the church, which had us thoroughly confused:

The first image in this panel has a caption saying it is how the church looks today, going on to explain that the previous church had a tower, but that this one was built towerless. The reason for our confusion was because next to us we could clearly see this:

It took us a while to work out that the pictures and text on the first row on the board referred to the old church (which we then worked out was just about visible up the hill on the other side of the road) and what was next to us was the new church. Nowt like clear information signage! We didn't go inside; it was closed.

Moving on, Levanger was our next stop, and was even less interesting than Straumen. I was thankful that: a) I noticed, just before I inserted my card into the pay machine, that the payable hours for the parking ended 10 minutes after our arrival; and b) neither this nor Straumen had been particularly out of our way. I came away with the impression that a walk up the local hill would have been a better way to see the place.

We tootled southwards for an hour or so more, positioning ourselves reasonably close to Trondheim tonight. With a need to do laundry, and with intimate knowledge of the laundrette there (from our visits three weeks ago), we are revisiting the town tomorrow and want to arrive early.

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