Thursday, 6 July 2017

Thursday 6 July - Morfjord

Where’s Bertie? He's in a deep pull-in alongside a minor road, just outside of the hamlet of Morfjord and alongside the fjord of the same name. (Exact location: 68.39371, 14.71788)

We made an effort to get going relatively early this morning (i.e. before 10am; we managed just after 9) so as to reach the parking area for the walk I wanted to do before it got too busy. On the drive in we admired the ridge along which we were going to walk, but then we failed to find the car park.

The SatNav was set for a new location a few kilometres hence. There we found two caravans, a van and a tent and no room at the inn for us.

The SatNav was set for a new location a few kilometres hence. We passed Sarah on the way (English woman travelling solo who was parked next to us at Haukland last Sunday). Our third location was a good one and in we pulled. Five minutes later I set out for a run.

My intentions then to go out and explore the nearby hills, after a shower and elevenses, were thwarted when rain came in. It is now approaching 8pm and it has rained for significantly more of the afternoon than has been dry, although Mick did manage to nip out for a short run, and get back, during what turned out to be the longest of those spells. I don't know whether this rain is very localised, but it doesn't feature in any of the forecasts I've looked at (not even when I eventually twigged that it's Thursday, not Friday today and started looking at the right day).

A film has been watched (that's twice we've had the TV out on this trip now; we'll be getting square eyes), books have been read and crocheting crocheted.

We're hoping for better weather tomorrow.

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