Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Wednesday 12 July - Steinkjer

Where’s Bertie? He's in a car park a few kilometres from the centre of Steinkjer, at the start of some walking routes up a hill called Oftenåsen. (Exact location: 64.00458, 11.53312)

Yesterday it rained almost without pause; today it has rained entirely without pause. It was drumming on the roof in the night and it continued to cause the surroundings to be murky as we drove down to Steinkjer, opting to take the short route as it seemed a waste to go for a scenic option in such conditions.

In Steinkjer we sat in a car park at a shopping centre for an hour, watching the rain fall some more, before we stirred ourselves to visit the Tourist Office. I now wish we had stopped by on our way north as the girl in there was most helpful and gave us information that, if we had had it sooner, would have caused us to do more in the Snåsa area (we pulled in at Snåsa on our way north but, in the absence of information, didn't even motivate ourselves to step outside of Bertie before moving on).

The rain still fell as we took a brief look around the town. In the conditions, Mick wasn't up for the full cultural tour route, so we made do with visiting a couple of the notable buildings, including the church...

...although we weren't able to go in to see the stained glass for which it is famous, as it didn't open until 1, and we weren't going to hang around in the rain for an hour.

The shopping centre where we had left Bertie only gives three hours of free parking (although the paid parking there was remarkably reasonably priced) but by then we had seen as much as we were going to see of the town, so after lunch we removed ourselves a few kilometres out of the centre to the car parking for a hill I wanted to visit. Here we sat and listened to the rain fall some more whilst we entertained ourselves with brochures, maps, books and crochet.

We could have left the hill for the morning, when the forecast is better, but at 1630 the rain eased to a mere pitter patter and I was all for a leg-stretch, so on went the waterproofs and off we went.

Well-signed, engineered paths took us through woodland to the top, which is covered in 'stuff': a comms tower, a refreshment hut (only open on Sundays), a picnic area complete with fire pits and barbecues, and the world's largest garden chair:

Considering that yesterday we came across this chair:

And last November, in Spain, this one:

I'm beginning to think the we encounter more oversized outdoor furniture than the average person.

As I now sit here and type this at 1930, the rain is still going. I'm putting all faith in the weather forecast that says it is going to be drier tomorrow, with sunshine in the evening.

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