Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Wednesday 5 July - Henningsvær and Sindspollneset

Where’s Bertie? He's at a picnic area alongside the E10. The nearest name I can see on the map is Sindspollneset. (Exact location: 68.31537, 14.71556)

This morning we discovered that Henningsvær is much better viewed from a nearby 541m summit than from street level in the town itself:

More detail about the walk and more snaps can be found at

Back from our walk just after noon, I requested that we move up the road towards the E10 for lunch as, on the drive in yesterday, I had noticed a parking area next to a bit of beach and I'm still fancying a sea swim within the Artic Circle. After a bit of a discussion that involved Mick declaring "I knew you were mad when I married you, but I didn't know you were this mad.", the move was made.

On arrival the wind was up, the tide was in, a shower came through and Bertie's thermometer was telling us that it was just 9 degrees out. I skipped the swim, but still opted for nice warming soup for lunch.

With the SatNav set for Svolvær, we were merrily tootling along a while later when I spotted a sign for Lofotenkatedralen. I had completely forgotten until that moment that I had wanted to visit it. Managing to give Mick enough notice of the change of plan, into the car park we went.

I strongly suspected the interior wouldn't merit the 40NOK entrance fee, but I was also curious to see inside a wooden church built to accommodate a congregation of 1200.

Objectively, it wasn't worth the money, but in a country willing to give us free service points and places to stay, we couldn't begrudge spending a few pounds on an overpriced tourist attraction.

Our only business in Svolvær was the purchase of a loaf of bread and the use of the Tourist Office's wifi to download some stuff, and with those objectives fulfilled it was just another quarter of an hour journey to our night stop. It's a busy rest area just now, with lots of comings and goings. The most amusing so far has been the German tour bus which, when a luggage hold door was opened, showed us that it had a hold full of beer, wine and ... potatoes!

A wooden walkway leads out of the rest area where Bertie is spending tonight and up to a view point over this magnificence.

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