Thursday, 3 August 2017

Thursday 3 August - Stavanger

Where's Bertie? He hasn't moved since yesterday. He's still in the car park in Stavanger.

Get up. Wait for the rain to stop. Go for a run (nice track around a lake adjacent to the car park). Watch the rain. Have elevenses. Watch the rain. Have lunch. Take laundry to laundrette. Get very wet on the way. Marvel at how the laundrette has dropped straight out of the 1970/80s. Marvel at how dirty and badly maintained the machines are. Spend £11 on getting one load of laundry washed and dried (ouch! But still far cheaper than going to a campsite and with laundrettes so few and far between, beggars can't be choosers). Do some crochet whilst waiting for laundry. Take a walk around a bit more of Stavanger whilst waiting for laundry. Get wet again. Retrieve laundry. Take laundry back to Bertie. Get wet again. Settle in for the rest of the day and night.

And that has been our day in a nutshell.

Definitely the worst (and most expensive) laundrette encountered on our foreign travels.

Stavanger has a 'street art festival' resulting in some works being on permanent display. The ones I found weren't generally anything to write home about. These were the pick of the bunch. The area they're in is really run down and it gave appearances that the street art has been used as an excuse for a lot of graffiti and tagging, but maybe that came first and the actual art has improved the area?

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