Saturday, 1 December 2018

Friday 30 November – Drive, Drive, Drive!

Where’s Bertie? To his great surprise, he’s not at a waterside Aire on the Begium/France border, he’s on our driveway at home.
Weather: Mixed, but then we did cover quite some miles.

At about 9 o’clock yesterday (Friday) morning Mick decided that he needed some urgent medical attention and, given the options of finding a suitable facility and dealing with a possible language barrier in France or Belgium, or returning home, he opted for the latter. In double quick time we were packed away, I’d modified our Eurotunnel booking and we were on the road.

The use of toll roads (a very great rarity for us) got us to Calais swiftly enough to get us onto a shuttle a little over an hour before the one I’d booked just two hours before (and with 14 minutes to wait before being called to board, just enough time to make a couple of travel mugs of tea before I had to isolate the gas tanks) and we were back in the UK by 11.30am (local time).

The M20 is currently subject to road works for almost its entire length and the M25 was exactly as one would expect the M25 to be on a Friday afternoon, which delayed us enough to put us in heavy traffic later on too.

We did, however, make it to the doctors’ surgery just before they closed. A couple of tests were performed then the next news we got was that an ambulance was on its way. The good news is that after a night in hospital and many tests and opinions, he got released today and he’s fine.  

So, the final day of our trip came sooner than expected, was a rather long one*, and contained the sort of ‘excitement’ that we can all do without!

I made productive use of the time spent hanging around in the hospital, but I'm really not sure I like the colour scheme

(*The other negative of the Aire at Grenay is the cockerel that lives next door and thinks that 3.33am is an acceptable time of day to start crowing.)


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  1. We hope Mick is ok and you are both enjoying relaxing at home.
    Just had a ‘big read’ to catch up.
    You seem to be running a lot. Training for something, or just keeping in trim?
    Hope to see you sometime - I could still book you in to next Sunday’s Xmas walk...